Glucose given up on their appearance

Глюкоза махнула рукой на свою внешность
Now the popular singer Natasha Ionova, who performs under the pseudonym of Glucose, is on vacation in America.

Глюкоза махнула рукой на свою внешность

31-year-old singer recently admitted that he decided to relax in the USA and not bother about the appearance.

Глюкоза махнула рукой на свою внешность

“It was day 6 of my vacation in new York… And during that time I probably a hundred times managed to envy American women. They do not bother about clothes. How great when the only word that defines your style — EASY! Here’s all of sports and to relax! In the restaurant, of course, and dressing up, but it is not comparable with us: Slippers on the beach!!! Honestly, the first time this habit do not let go — there was a feeling that I forgot to get dressed)) But then I relaxed and said to myself, “Hey, this is vacation.” And you know what? It’s really cool! Think about completely different things and not wasting your life on a crazy prejudice,” said Natasha to his followers.

Although judging by the recent photos without makeup, Natasha looks great in natural form, that she should not worry about it.

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