Glu коZа forced to work in the beds in order to save

Глю'коZа вынуждена трудиться на грядках в целях экономии The singer will herself to grow vegetables. Glu коZа admitted that her family was affected by the crisis. Star noticed that the stores increased the price of food, so she decided to start a garden land.

      Глю'коZа вынуждена трудиться на грядках в целях экономии

      Ecological products is not only a trend among the stars. Many celebrities are considered simply necessary to eat properly, using in the diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, the quality of which should not cause doubts. In stores products labeled “organic” are many times more expensive than normal. Meanwhile, not everyone has extra money. Glu коZа just refers to the category of citizens who are not ready to overpay for the products.

      In recognition of the stars, the crisis had an impact on her family, so in order to save it was decided to have their garden land. On earth will work herself Natalya Ionova, and help her daughter Lida and Faith.

      “It is important to be able to calculate your budget, – says the singer. – Go to the store and realize that like the same thing, and more expensive. But it inspired us with children to do your garden. We live out of town and decided to build a greenhouse in the winter, maybe going to eat your cucumbers. As a child I went to my grandmother, helping around the house, there are some skills”.

      If the gardening star only have to learn, then gardening she is already working closely. At the end of April Glu коZа shared a photo of the first fruits of their work. The picture of her daughter shows the first flowers that come up on the site.

      Глю'коZа вынуждена трудиться на грядках в целях экономии

      “Recently I realized what a thrill of gardening. We even decided not to go for may not to miss the flowering of all our plantings. Long chose, what colors to decorate the garden, and soon will share with you all sown with beauty,” he signed a snapshot of Natalia.

      By the way, in the suburban area the stars will now often hear the laughter of children, because the family apparently plans to reduce the budget for the holidays. At least in other countries Gly коZа certainly intend to go less.

      “Abroad today to relax much more expensive, will be to develop their territories — the South sea, to discover new places of their country” – sums up Glue коZа in an interview with REN-TV.

      Meanwhile, earlier this month, the singer has published on his page in Instagram a lot of pictures from a luxury holiday in the Maldives. Natalia went there to unwind with their friends, among whom were TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak. The star was basking in the sun and bathed with a warm ocean.

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