Glory thought about the third child

Слава задумалась о третьем ребенке The singer loves his daughters, but wants to have another son. According to star, the children – the main happiness in life. Every free moment she tries to spend with relatives. If she had to choose career or family, she would surely prefer the latter.

      Слава задумалась о третьем ребенке

      Singer Slava is very friendly with his daughters. With an older Sasha star periodically goes on holiday in a hot country and even attending social events. Last week at the presentation of the album of Dennis Clever media representatives saw that the minor daughter of the singer along with her mother drinking alcohol. Itself Thank to this is with humor, not forbidding such things. Sasha is planning to become an actress, and while finishing school and preparing for exams.

      The singer has told, that all free time tries to spend with children and even thought about a third child. Glory wants to have a son. “I think! But for this we need not only to think. To do! While it is impossible,” said the star reporters.

      Glory for a long time meets with businessman Anatoly Danilitskiy, from whom she had a daughter Antonina. Lovers are satisfied with their relationship, the singer is not marrying his chosen one. “He divorced his wife, and we try not to touch this topic, not to offend anyone. And why, in fact, to get a divorce? That’s why I’m not getting married, and divorce is not think. If I get married, it’s probably in 50 years,” joked the Glory in one of the interviews.

      According to star, if she had to choose between family and career, she would chose their adorable daughters. “Everyone has their own way, but I believe that children are important, concerts, songs and photos. There are people who live for the stage and born to her. But it’s not me,” shared the star.

      Thank a healthy sense of humor and always knows how to answer the journalists ‘ questions. She noted that because of the economic situation in the country, she began to give fewer concerts,

      “The crisis impact on us. I’m not a liar, concerts I have less. This is all wrong. Who says that a lot of speeches, is lying. I have enough gigs, with my family spend more time,” – said the star reporters of the portal ProZvezd.

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