Glory Dvoretskov spoke about the disappearance of tori Karaseva

Слава Дворецков высказался об исчезновении Тори Карасевой The man replied worried fans of the couple. In his ex-participant reality show “House-2” fans of tori leave dozens of comments demanding an explanation. All it is unclear why the woman did not get in touch with on February 23.

      More than a month the singer and former participant of “House-2” Tory Karasev does not communicate with the fans. Fans worried about the fate of women. According to some, she lives in a country house, where not always better. Desperate to get information from Victoria, people turned to her husband, Glory Dvorackova, with whom she recently celebrated the anniversary of marriage.

      Fans of tori Karaseva excited about her sudden disappearance

      “Where is Victoria? I’m sorry to ask. But really, why did she disappear?”, “Glory, tell me, you broke up with Vika final?”, “I also want to know where she’s gone and if she was good,” wrote the user of a social network.

      Tired of such comments, Dvoretskov broke the silence. The man responded briefly to the words of followers.

      “Do not know” – wrote in the microblog Glory.

      The answer of the artist has caused even more speculation about his relationship with his wife. In winter, the couple celebrated 10 years of marriage. It seemed that in their family there is no problem. However, their colleagues do not think so. Showman Rustam Solntsev said “StarHit” that Dvoretskov longer lives with Karasev.

      “Also I do not understand the lie, which went to the former participant of “House-2” Victoria Karasev. She recently assured readers of his “Instagrama” that ten years is in a relationship with by Vyacheslav Dvorackova. This is also true, she told me that this novel several years ago came to an end. Why did she cheat and to ascribe a connection with this loser? She’s so pretty, bright girl, free status would long ago have found themselves a hundred times better than this Glory…” – told the reality star.

      In the microblog Karaseva not been updated since February 23. People staged a heated discussion under the last post. They are concerned about the health of ex-member of telestroke, as a few years ago she underwent a complicated operation on the esophagus.

      “Gone again Vic! How are you there?” “Vikuska, write the address, come!”, “Victoria, where are you? We’ve missed you!”, – interested followers Karaseva.