Glory Dvoretskov and tori celebrated an important date

Слава Дворецков и Тори отметили важную дату Former members of “House-2” have been together for ten years. Recently, young people celebrated this significant event for them. Victoria Karaseva also openly talked about the problems in the relationship with Slava Butler. The brunette admitted that they conflicts can arise.

      One of the most striking couples of the TV project “Dom-2” – Glory Dvoretskov and Victoria Karaseva – left the reality show in 2009. After the lovers were outside the perimeter, they were married. The triumph of the couple took place in one of the capital’s clubs, attended Olga Buzova, Stepan Menschikov, Alexander Kharitonov, Victoria Bonya, Andrei Cherkasov, and many others. It’s been more than five years. Recently, Karasev made a touching post thanking your second half for years together.

      “Cheers. I favorite together for the 10th year. Take care of and appreciate, if met the right person. Let the world is love. All the holiday,” shared tori.

      Subscribers brunette wished her a long and happy family life. “Same to you! Great you love”, “Congratulations”, “well done. Watched you from the beginning”, “You were my favorite couple on the project, We have already completed 10 years together. The most important thing is health,” “my God, you’re wonderful. I’m happy for you: have you checked your love and in joy and in sorrow, when you are treated”, “Always admire” was discussed fans Karasev and Dvorackova.

      Previously the tories openly shared details of his relationship with Glory. The girl admitted that they sometimes have problems, but try to find a compromise. “Take care of each other every day does not “break” the negative ones. Yes, it sometimes is difficult… So you need to control your emotions is to breathe-to exhale and enjoy life. Love you, and Yes, I am for a separate budget, since I prefer to take responsibility for themselves and to be dependent solely on himself” – shared Karasev.

      In one of the other posts told Victoria about his health. The girl admits that she doesn’t do well with health, but she does not despair. Karasev isn’t afraid to speak openly about what she went through. We will remind, in February 2009 Tarceva became the guest of one of the capital’s restaurant. The pizza I ordered Victoria, was a small oskolok shell mussels. It seriously hurt my esophagus girls, and then Karasev was in intensive care and she had to undergo several difficult operations.

      “My dear. I the invalid of the second group. In 2009 life was turned upside the head… I decided that I should learn to live with the pain. Decided that the pain doesn’t go away, leaves me and slams the door. So she had to become a part of me, and I learned to live with the remnants of health. It so happens that the pain twists, and nail plate “bursting at the seams”… I proved in court that the hospital gave me double wrong diagnosis, because of this, precious time was lost, and I almost gave up the Ghost. But I forgave the doctors and did not punish them,” said a former member of telestroke.