Глюк"Oza шокировала «голой» пляжной фотосессией
The singer shared very candid shots.


Photo: Instagram

The Network got naughty photos Glyuk’oza made on a hot beach.
Natalia, the mother of two beautiful daughters, nothing to hide: she is perfect
form. The singer has always loved unusual swimwear and experimented with
styles, but now she is intriguing fans with the utmost courage. The photos that appeared on the Internet
it seems as if Natalya had forgotten to cover the body with clothing at all. But everyone
could make sure that the artist forms deserve applause and

Star willingly shares their beauty secrets.

“I try to eat five times a day in small
portions: this allows you to not clog the stomach and at the same time not to starve, —
says Chistyakova-Ionova. — In the morning you can eat anything, but for dinner try
avoid “heavy” foods — rather eat a fish than a piece of meat. And
no carbs.

I’m friends with sports: I am engaged in yoga, Pilates, doing
exercises on the TRX. Trainer come to my house, we will make
stretching, breathing yoga, weight training. I love dancing, but I think
that to reduce weight they fit. But to keep in shape to be in
the tone is what you need. I like that dancing seemed to awaken the feminine,
and the body becomes more smooth and feminine. Try to have time to workout
three times a week, when time does not allow, two. You can’t take breaks in
the classroom, they knock you out of the sports rhythm”.