Glinnikov and Nikulin responded to rumors of a bloody fight

Глинников и Никулина отреагировали на слухи о кровавой драке Last weekend the journalists reported that the actor had to seek help to the doctors. According to media reports, Ilya Glinnikov allegedly had a major run-c Ekaterina Nikulina. The lovers hastened to reassure fans.

Recently in mass media there was information that the star of the show “Interns” Ilya Glinnikov allegedly had a big fight with his girlfriend, a finalist on the show “the Bachelor” Ekaterina Nikulina. According to journalists, the conflict between young men has occurred on home soil. It was argued that Nikulin attacked Glinnikov and smashed him in the face, after which the actor was hospitalized in the Institute Sklifosovsky.

Discussing brutal attack of the bride on Ilya Glinnikov

Concerned fans of the couple started to ask Ilya and Ekaterina about what happened. They left comments in love with social networks with a request to comment on the rumors. After some time the pair broke the silence and assured that feels good. Glinnikov and Nikulin came in touch with the subscribers in order to refute the speculation of the public. According to young people, they visited one of the Georgian restaurants located in the center of Moscow. The photographs that appeared on the Network, they look happy and relaxed.

“Dear society, enough already; the show is long over, and show business is no place for us. No such purpose. We are ordinary people, and all is well. Sending you a kiss and kindness to every soul. Stop keep this pun around us,” – said Nikulin, accompanied by post with the hashtag “peace to all”.

Users of social networks supported Catherine and expressed joy over the fact that she decided to shed light on the publication in the press. “It turns out you all right now? I’m afraid”, “the Most wonderful, be happy”, “I knew it. Thank God, all is well”, “take care of each other”, “Live for yourself”, “pay No attention to the envious”, “Leave them alone”, “thanks for the dispelled doubts”, “Beautiful and happy”, “That’s a fantasy people have,” was discussed by the fans of the couple.

In turn, Ilya Glinnikov also said that there are no problems in relations with the beloved. Tuesday, September 19, the singer celebrated a birthday – he turned 33 years old. “Friends, we’re fine. Thank you all for your congratulations,” – said the actor. Fans of the actor wished him all the best. “Be happy”, “last”, “good for you”, – commented on the followers of Elijah.

We will remind that on Sunday evening, the journalists wrote about the hospitalization of the star of the series “Interns”. Agent Ilya Glinnikov denied this information, but later appeared in the press details of the incident, which allegedly occurred over the weekend.