Gleb Zhemchugova was criticized for the new girl

Глеба Жемчугова раскритиковали за новую девушку Eks-the participant “Houses-2” have advised to find another. Gleb Zhemchugov has hinted that he has a new novel. Some followers were happy for man, however, not all enthusiastically said about his beloved.

About breaking Zhemchugova Gleb and Olga Wind became known in 2016. Now each of the former members of the reality show “Dom-2” builds his personal life. But once their Union is considered exemplary – they met each other in the framework of telestroke, got married and gave birth to a son, Misha.

Now Olga and Gleb build their personal lives. Pearls was published in the microblog video girl Ksenia that dances in front of a mirror in shorts and bustier.

“Thank you for being there in my life now,” wrote former participant of “House-2” in the microblog.

Fans speculated that the now young men together, and rushed to criticize Zhemchugova for choosing girls. They felt that a man makes the wrong conclusion, and advised him to turn his attention to other women.

“Gleb, why do you want this girl? Olga went with Eugene. Maybe try to reconnect?”, “Olga is still better… And Hleb tries to jump above his head and not come out ever. Olga left you and looks great, and you have nothing changes in my life”, “Gleb, you need a normal girl, not a doll. Want to open your eyes,” wrote a follower.

However, there were those who was glad for the man. They wished them happiness and the thought that Gleb and Ksenia would be the perfect couple. As it turned out, she recently moved to Moscow and is fond of racing. She has a young daughter, about the same age as the son of Zhemchugova. In his microblog Ksenia publishes his main passion – fast cars and erotic photography.

After the divorce, Gleb and Olga was able to stay in a good relationship. The man is regularly seen with her son and takes an active part in his upbringing. He also worried about his wife – he is ready to meet the man that will marry Olga, to know who will be next to his son.

Last summer, Pearl was going to marry spectacular brunette Elena. Suddenly, however, he said that the wedding is off. As it turned out, the girl did not like that the man flaunted their relationship. Gleb Zhemchugov suddenly called off the wedding