Gleb Zhemchugov terrified staff after the surgery

Глеб Жемчугов ужаснул кадрами после операции The star of “House-2” had liposuction. The next day after surgery party popular telestroke put the photo in the microblog. Subscribers didn’t expect to see a frightening picture and asked Gleb Zhemchugova to be serious about their health.

      Глеб Жемчугов ужаснул кадрами после операции

      After his divorce from Olga Wind and several unsuccessful novels Gleb Zhemchugov trying to find himself. The man got to work immediately in several places, grew a beard, got tattoos and started to improve your body.

      The day before the ex-hero of “House-2” decided to have cosmetic surgery to remove fat. The actor shared details of subscribers “Instagram” by posting a very ambiguous picture. In the frame of the Glebe lies in the house and shows followers a blood-stained sheet. It should be noted that this operation repeated. First time to get rid of excess weight Gleb decided in September last year.

      However, fans of the idea of a young person to go under the knife is not appreciated. Subscribers microblog advised Zhemchugova more sensitive to the adoption of such important decisions and to improve the body without the intervention of plastic surgeons.

      “Why? All the problems in the head and the complexes there. This is all from dislike to yourself, if you don’t handle it, then speak to a specialist – a psychiatrist. A hundred liposuctions, make, to love no longer, it’s a fact! You have such a Constitution. Embrace what is and love it. But to cut herself – a gesture”, “Gleb, get well soon! Why are you doing this? Take care of your health” “You be careful out there! Move smaller until with seams carefully! Get well soon!”, “Terrifying spectacle, very painful, perhaps? Bleeding right much”, “Better in the gym and proper nutrition than under the knife”, – wrote in the social network.

      According to the man, before joining the clinic, he tried to push yourself physically and even excluded from the diet of harmful products. But it did not help to achieve the star electroni the desired result, and he went to a plastic surgeon. He also noted that after traditional weight loss, skin can SAG or appear in the wrong places.

      Earlier, Pearls have been told “StarHit” that is not afraid to go under the knife of a doctor and long wanted to change the shape. That after a time he will have to repeat the procedure, the artist knew immediately.

      “I’m not worried. Long been thought to go for liposuction. Friends have told stories that fat then it will be incorrectly distributed, there will come out. The operation will take place in several stages, the next few months.”