Глеб Жемчугов внезапно отменил свадьбу Recently former participant of “House-2” has unveiled his darling. In recognition of Hleb Zhemchugova, for about six months, he meets a striking brunette named Elena. The lovers were going to register relations in the registry office, but their plans are unexpectedly changed.
Глеб Жемчугов внезапно отменил свадьбу

Not so long ago 29-year-old former member of “House-2” Gleb Zhemchugov surprised viewers with an unexpected statement. The reality star claimed that plans to change marital status. As it turned out, Gleb has made an offer the second half.

About the darling Zhemchugova not much is known. According to the man, his girlfriend’s name is Lena. Other details Gleb chose not to disclose, wanting to keep them secret from the public.

“Rapidly begins my new year of life… This is Lena, my bride, on Tuesday I’m getting married… Damn, this is not a joke and not a joke,” he shared Pearls in the microblog, accompanied by the publication of the hashtag “Love life”.

The followers of the ex-member of telestroke congratulated him and wished him many years of family life. They also began to write compliments beloved Gleb. According to many, it looks amazing.

However, other users of social networks, on the contrary, began to criticize Zhemchugova and write that he is too frivolous. More recently, the man admitted to feelings of Lily Cetraro. In the comments to one of the photographs of the girl, the reality star revealed that he admires a striking brunette. “She is the most extraordinary. But there is always one “but” proprietary” – said Gleb.

In connection with the approval of Zhemchugova some social media users even suggested that he is ready to return to the Clearing. Fans of “House-2” has put forward the version that the man is going to fight for the heart of a Lily. “Gleb always looks and runs beautiful girls, but he’s not one of those guys that they loved him, would have calmed down and would save my family,” “Better to bring the wife,” discussed the followers men.

Tired of the numerous discussions about his personal life, Gleb Zhemchugov deleted the post that announced the impending marriage ceremony. A man left his followers perplexed. And after a while he did and said that the wedding is off. As it turned out, was just Meant to be hurried with the announcement of changes in marital status. Correspondents of magazine “the House-2” contacted ex-reality show participant, who explained the reasons for his action.

“Marriage is a serious step. I was wrong, he was trying to play games. I’m sorry, – said Gleb. Lena, of course, were fighting over the fact that I advertise our relationship. It’s I joke, and she’s a serious girl”.

We will remind that in the beginning of the year Gleb Zhemchugov divorced Olga and Wind. Broke one of the brightest couples of the TV show. Despite the fact that the reality star decided to go, they have kept a good relationship for the sake of a common child of Misha. Former spouses continue to participate in his upbringing. Gleb Zhemchugov: “If the wife is not going to introduce me to boyfriend, I’ll find him myself”