Gleb Zhemchugov misses Olga Veter

Глеб Жемчугов тоскует по Ольге Ветер The reality star admitted that he found it difficult to live without a family. Gleb remembers his wife and son. Pearls has shared a touching video, which flashed pictures of him with Olga and Misha.

      Many people prefer to celebrate New year with family and friends, because I think that it is a family holiday. However, in 2016, some celebrities are unable to save the marriage and they had to divorce. One of them was Gleb Zhemchugov.

      The star of “House-2” gave up on life for that year. A couple of days ago, he once again left the telestroke as desperate to meet a faithful and loyal girl. Pearl regrets that earlier, he flared up and gave Olga the Wind file for divorce. Now Gleb realized that was wrong, but to correct the situation is impossible. Gleb Zhemchugov: “Olga would not file for alimony after a divorce”

      “When there are two days left before the New year loss, the largest and most significant, is felt in every cell. When you realize that Olga the Wind you will make a wish. When the first matinee of the son has passed without you. When the notion of a family holiday – a knife in the heart, salt in the wound,” the Pearls wrote in his microblog.

      The man accompanied the post with a video in which he collected photographs with the child and former spouse. Star telestroke decided to warn subscribers that they did not do so with your loved ones. “People appreciate their other halves and swear as little as possible, because all the problems – XP*Han , if your beloved is not with you anymore,” said the rapper.

      Many social media users condemning the behavior of glib and think that he was wrong. The man had caused Olga to be jealous, and after breaking up with his wife quickly began to talk about feelings to other participants of the reality show. However, some members decided to support Zhemchugova.

      “Gleb, what we have, when it is gone. Very sorry to hear that your journey with Olga went, well the life does not ends with”, “make your peace and give his family!” “Why don’t you understand that she’s the best thing in your life. It is not for nothing its so many people love. It’s real, beautiful and very smart girl,” wrote the followers of the rapper.

      Olga lives alone with his son Mike and was preparing to move to Zelenograd Studio apartment won in the contest “man of the year”. Fans admire her strength and wish the young woman to meet a new love.