Gleb Zhemchugov burns with love for 20-year-old participant of “House-2”

Глеб Жемчугов сгорает от любви к 20-летней участнице «Дома-2» The rapper has admitted to feelings for the model. Man interested in Lily Cetraro. In comments on the personal page of the girl fans of the TV show saw the emotional record of the Glebe, which compliments the brunette.
Глеб Жемчугов сгорает от любви к 20-летней участнице «Дома-2»

Fans of the reality show “Dom-2” carefully follow the life of participants in social networks. One of the brightest girls in the project is considered to be Lily Cetraro. 20-year-old striking brunette meets with Sergei Zachariasen. However, judging by the posts of the guy, the last time they formed a strained relationship. “Once again I heard in his address unpleasant words, where previously we had an agreement that for every insult a fine, because otherwise we have to solve the issue failed. In the end Lily said almost the amount of ring you wanted and explained that I deliberately led her to the emotions,” wrote Sergei.

Probably a former participant of the project Gleb Zhemchugov actively monitoring pages kids telestroke. In particular, he was interested Cetraro. Under one of her pictures, he left a comment in which he told about the feelings to the girl.

“She is the most extraordinary. But there is always one “but” proprietary,” said Pearl.

Some netizens believe that the man himself is ready to return telestroke to compete for the heart of Cetraro. “Gleb always looks and runs beautiful girls, but he’s not one of those guys that they loved him, would have calmed down and would save my family”, “What’d you do to get back on the free food,” “I wish his wife back”, “He’s just looking for an opportunity to return to the project and no Lily is not necessary”, – said the Network users.

Apparently, outside of the project Pearls has not yet been able to meet his love. But the man got a permanent job. Gleb became PR Director of the center, karaoke and tuning Studio.

“I am happy that people believed in me and gave me the opportunity to do what I love. It is one and the same company, which services I promote: I will create presentations, and to organize participation in various trade shows. I’m in a rush, the staff is super, everything is based on creativity. I am grateful for this chance!” – shared ex-member of telestroke.