Gleb Zhemchugov begs forgiveness from wife

Глеб Жемчугов вымаливает прощение у супруги A man can’t accept the departure of his wife. Olga Veter left the reality show “Dom-2” and now lives separately from his chosen. Apparently, Gleb Zhemchugov realized his mistake and is ready to do everything to beloved forgave him.

      Fans of the reality show “Dom-2” couldn’t believe that Olga Wind and Gleb Suchugov broke up. The pair of them seemed to be perfect – the couple raised a son together and were preparing to move to a new apartment, which the young mother won the contest “man of the year”. Now Olga has left the perimeter and Hleb decided to stay on the project. Apparently, the man realized his mistake and is now trying all means to get your wife back. Despite the conflict, Pearls and the Wind trying to make from family problems was not injured their son Misha. The boy turns spending time with mom and dad. Olga the Wind went from Gleb Zhemchugova

      “I understand everything, but I can’t accept not accustomed, or rather, forgot how to be single and don’t want to get used to, without his wife in the shower was empty, and it is not important all claims, carping, frustration, it all became a trifle compared with the fact that now my wife’s not around… And tomorrow the inside will be the abyss… Now everybody will write: “Before I had to think, you yourself did that , you deserved it, you fat pig”. And these words will be the truth, but not mistaken only the dead,” – wrote in desperation a member of the reality show.

      Fans of “House-2” look forward to that the couple will find the strength to forget old grudges and make peace. In the comments to virtually every publication of heroes subscribers to advise them rather to settle all family problems. Fans believe that Olga and Gleb were made for each other.

      “Why do you write, tell me why? Have to run, to fly, to swim, to overwhelm her with flowers, compliments, kneel and beg for forgiveness. Because the family is the best it can be. Olya you have a very beautiful girl. You’ll be sorry if she really is to you cool”, “actually both to blame in this situation. Hleb of course, we should learn to control yourself and never raise a hand to his wife, do not cry because your child is growing, and it can and it psychologically affected. And of course, we need each other to talk and importantly to listen to each other. And you bent the stick, and a compromise is not found. Olechka, of course, everything now too, to digest and rethink what she as a woman is not told to wife” – written by concerned fans who dream that the couple soon reunited.

      Despite the fact that in the year that the Wind was on the project, between husband and wife had quarrelled, they quickly reconciled. Olga said that she and her husband are not afraid to admit their mistakes and easily go to reconciliation. The star of “House-2” Olga Wind: “I do everything to keep the family together”

      “If I realize that I overreacted, that I’m not hard to admit his guilt. If he did something wrong, then it fits of apology. Very rarely it happens that some days we don’t communicate – or a very big fight, or we each other much Besim,” said Wind in an interview with “StarHit”.