Gleb Zhemchugov admitted feelings for Olga Veter

Глеб Жемчугов признался в чувствах к Ольге Ветер The star of “House-2” has congratulated ex-wife happy birthday. Gleb Zhemchugov said followers of the microblog, which has prepared a surprise for mom’s little Misha. Now members are wondering how to react to the Wind itself.

      Despite the divorce, the ex-members of smooth country telestroke Gleb Zhemchugov and Olga Wind was able to maintain cordial relations. Young people live close to each other and are constantly in touch to share the latest news from the life of the son.

      Gleb Zhemchugov: “If the wife is not going to introduce me to boyfriend, I’ll find him myself”

      In addition, Misha’s parents greet each other with important dates and holidays. On the tenth of April, a woman was otmetila birthday. On such a joyous occasion, the rapper dedicated a birthday post on Instagram. In the picture the photographer Gleb posing with the heir. A man holding a box with cosmetics for the Wind.

      Pearl wrote her a few lines under the post. He made several compliments former lover and put a surprise to many hashtags, “my family”, “best mother, best wife”, “mylove”.

      “Happy birthday, honey. We with the son have prepared one of your favorite gifts! You’re insanely beautiful, charming and lovely! Stay like this as long as possible!” – said Gleb.

      Some users of the social network were surprised by the Frank recognition of a celebrity. In their comments they noted that the dream of family reunion and are pleased that young people were able to find common ground in spite of all the quarrels and disagreements. “You are a beautiful family! I wish you happiness!”, “Hleb after the breakup I started to appreciate what he has. Clever”, “I’ll be glad if you make it up!”, “Olga just as the wise woman gives father and son a lot of time for communication. Gleb Olga learned nice and warm to talk to. Well done!”, “Sometimes people come back in a year, and after five, when both realized their mistakes. The husband and wife forgive each other and appreciate the relationship until the end of life. Built on forgiveness, family and love is multiplied. God forbid that your family was reunited,” wrote fans.

      Some followers do not exclude the possibility that the Wind decided to forgive the former spouse and move in. In January, after leaving the project “Dom-2” Pearl told “StarHit” that he is ready to sacrifice for the beloved. “She bore me a son, so will always be my family, as I have not developed our communication further. But I still hope that time will pass and she will come around, all will reconsider and come back.”

      Besides, the man does not absolve themselves of the blame for the scandals that took place in the Meadow. He admits that he only later realized their error and said that he did not abandon anyone.

      “The project we are mired in squabbles and swearing, the showdown, we were confused. I think I had the time to pick them up and to leave the project, but somehow didn’t. We had no backstabbing and betrayals, as it was exhibited, but at the moment to bring it was very difficult. After I saw her, I asked to give a last chance and promised to fix it, but she didn’t give it. Cried and said: “let’s spend time together, go ice-skating, cinema, restaurant, just walk through Moscow, we can get it back…”