Gleb Samoilov intends to sue brother

Глеб Самойлов намерен судиться с родным братом The former participants of group “Agatha Christie” can’t share the rights to the song. Gleb and Vadim Samoilov are in a state of conflict, a series of mutual accusations brought renowned musicians to the court.

      Глеб Самойлов намерен судиться с родным братом

      In the nineties the youth of the country literally went crazy on a group of “Agatha Christie”. The front man of the band were brothers Gleb and Vadim Samoilov. Thanks to their joint efforts came to light the majority of the hits.

      However, after the “Agatha Christie” broke up between the brothers began arguing about who has the copyright on those or other compositions. Both musicians believe that they can perform the hits of legendary group today. Gleb and Vadim are working in different projects, and each of them has its own source of income.

      Good Samoilov do not agree about copyright. So Gleb had to publish on his page in Instagram statement, which shocked fans of the once cohesive group “Agatha Christie”. Rock musician intends to plead with his brother.

      “I do submit a claim on Vadim Samoilov. A year and a half I suffered. I’m not asking him for money he owed me, but I want to protect their copyrights. He doesn’t want to go to the peace agreement. Moreover, I’m tired of his constant threats and insults, and insults in the press,” said Gleb Samoilov.

      Meanwhile, back in April of this year, Vadim Samoilov, in an interview with “StarHit” about any conflict is not mentioned. On the contrary, the musician said that between him and Hleb reached an agreement that both can play live those songs “Agatha Christie” they want.

      Vadim Samoilov: “Story “Agatha Christie” is not over”

      “The desire to play hits “Agatha Christie” appeared after the success of “nostalgia concerts”, held in February last year. Because between me and my brother reached an agreement that we can play what you want – both he and I,” said Vadim Samoilov “StarHit”.

      We will remind, a series of troubles in the life of Gleb Samoilov was not limited to conflict with Vadim. Recently, the musician was seriously injured, after which he had to turn to doctors. The leader of the band The Matrixx was in the hospital, while on tour in St. Petersburg.

      About what happened with Gleb, on the official page of the team told the PR-Manager Elena Rudakova. “Ladies and gentlemen! Gleb Samoilov has had an accident, ” she wrote. Since he fainted in the bathroom due to increased pressure, tight schedule and lack of sleep from the road.

      After learning about the problems after health, his loyal fans are seriously excited and gave the musician a powerful support. They wished your pet to find time to rest and carefully monitoring his health.

      Gleb Samoilov was seriously injured

      “You actually need us and this world. Let yourself relax on the beach and regain your strength!”, “You still need us alive and healthy! Take care of yourself and your health! We love you!” “This year the group plan on a lot of shows. Maybe we should reduce the number?”, – comments left in the microblog Gleb fans.

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