Gleb Panfilov: the wife, personal life

Gleb Panfilov: the wife, personal life

Gleb Panfilov since Soviet times and to this day is a productive film Director and screenwriter, whose skills have been recognized at the state level. His first work was awarded at the international competition, and later he became the honored artist of the RSFSR.

To achieve all of this helped him perseverance and hard work, as well as a large amount of time spent working on films. And even the present wife of Gleb Panfilov met him on the set.

First wife

Personal life of Gleb Panfilov in the period of adolescence is one big mystery. Despite the fact that from his first marriage he has a son, nor the name of the first wife or the circumstances of their experience to the wider public is not known.

Gleb Panfilov: the wife, personal life

His son Anatoly, Natasha (second wife) and Gleb Panfilov

Fans and groupies have spent a lot of time in searching for some information, but to find even photos of a pair is not possible, so this line biography of the writer remains empty. Probably, Panfilov just doesn’t want to draw unnecessary attention to the woman who has nothing to do with the world of cinema and not used to strong interest from strangers.

That they remained in good relations can be judged by the fact that Panfilov spends a lot of time with his son, and even working with him on joint projects.

Second wife, Inna Churikova

With the release of his feature film in the personal life of Gleb Panfilov appeared not only the fame and popularity, but true love.

Inna Churikova was invited as an actress in the film “In the fire Broda no”. It was very successful, and played in the theater of the young spectator a small role. That this movie can make her famous, she did not believe, despite the fact that in the biography. there have been several successful works. The Director himself at first sight it did not impress – nine years older, too serious and old for her.

Gleb Panfilov: the wife, personal life

“In the fire Broda no”

However, in the process of filming Inna was surprised to see that nonetheless has a sparkling sense of humor. He, in turn, could see the girl as a real acting talent which fascinated him.

Gleb Panfilov: the wife, personal life

Gleb and ina on the set

Soon they were living together. In the usual communal apartment, the couple had a son Ivan.

Gleb Panfilov: the wife, personal life

Family Panfilovich

At first the family was difficult, the scripts for the films with Inna in the title role didn’t want to say because of her appearance, which many considered inappropriate for the big screen, as the investigation was stopped and Panfilov’s work.

In spite of that, they were able to overcome this period, having acquired big names, corresponding to their talents. Now they have many years of happy marriage, and Panfilov still calls her his Muse.

Gleb Panfilov: the wife, personal life

Inna and Gleb