Глеб Матвейчук начал новую жизнь после развода The gap with Anastasia Makeeva has pushed the singer to change in appearance and lifestyle. Gleb Matveychuk became the owner of a brutal haircut and went on an unforgettable journey.

      Глеб Матвейчук начал новую жизнь после развода

      Gleb Matveichuk, it seems, began to emerge from the shadows after a loud divorce with Anastasia Makeeva. Previously, the singer has rarely published photos and a video on his page in Instagram. About the life of a couple fans learned of microblog Anastasia. Now and Gleb started to please their followers with fresh images.

      So, the artist shared photos from the trip, in which he went after breaking up with his wife. Gleb travels through Greece in the company of pilgrims. He admires the local scenery and visit these Holy places. In one of his published photos, Adele rides in an old van, and his face shines with a happy smile.

      By the way, the ex-wife of singer Anastasia Makeeva, with whom he broke up in April, is also located in Europe. She is resting with friends on the island of Tenerife. Actress vacation full of adventure. The star has already managed to get into the police station.

      Глеб Матвейчук начал новую жизнь после развода

      “That day is not a day when no news and adventures. While I rested peacefully in the evening, and, plunging headlong into the heart-wrenching sentimentality, watching the cartoon “finding Nemo”, my friend managed not to notice as she stole a bag with money, rights, two passports, and she plane and painted the entire month traveling around Europe, and all is now impossible. But, this young lady smiles and thanks to her we visited the Canarian police. It is impressive”, – said Makeev.

      I wonder what if life took a different turn, and the couple would have found the strength to start all over with a clean slate, they could fly to Tenerife together. “This vacation a few months ago we had planned with Gleb, so long as together not rested. But a week before the breakup, he refused to fly. Still need to find the time to file a petition for divorce. I think our marriage dissolved quickly, we have nothing to share, all the property – two apartments, a country house in the suburbs – were bought before the wedding,” said Makeev in an exclusive interview with “StarHit”.

      Unlike Anastasia Hleb is not so verbose. He tells in detail about their everyday lives and plans. However, a recent trip to the hairdresser, the singer has shared. Matveichuk said goodbye with long blond curls. The artist made a brutal haircut. The fans liked the change of image of the singer.

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