Gleb Khan broke ratings services streaming new track “This is our night”

Gleb Khan разорвал рейтинги стриминговых сервисов новым треком "Эта наша ночь"
Khan Gleb (Gleb Khan) is a successful and promising singer, songwriter and actor.

Gleb Khan разорвал рейтинги стриминговых сервисов новым треком "Эта наша ночь"

His new track “This is our night” (Remix) in collaboration with the famous Russian fashion king of clubs DJ Antonio literally tore the rankings on Itunes, Shazam on the number of search queries, Yandex.Music etc. the Track also topped the hit parade of the radio station Heat FM and the music video was included in TOP-10 of the channel Heat TV. Gleb also presented the original musical number with dancers at the popular festival of Heat and Adrenaline in the Stadium at the international festival youth music Likee. Later he will present a track on the platform Tik Toc.

In the near future Gleb plans to implement several other author’s tracks.

Well, until he found the time for lots of fun with the site, we are very happy.

Gleb Khan разорвал рейтинги стриминговых сервисов новым треком "Эта наша ночь" Gleb, what girls do you prefer?

Gleb Khan: Prefer?! I don’t like the wording. How can you prefer women or men in General? To choose what or whom? Horses, wine, cars? The verb “to prefer” is very similar to “consume”! “What You – blonde or brunette, what complexion and eye color, I prefer intelligent or better silly, probably better younger, and, of course, from a good family?”. In this world, a Woman is a commodity, expensive and perishable, but God created woman are not for sale, but for men, as assistant and partner. Created eve from Adam’s rib, and the rib meets the eye, so, in my opinion, the most important quality of a woman is modesty. I find and discover each time as the first. Daily admired, inspired, and at times disappointed.

The singer Gleb Khan in exclusive interview has told about the creativity, the attitude towards women and gave the right advice to men do you think the music you perform brutal for men or for a gentle half of the population?

Gleb Khan: Every song in the moment of birth addressed to a specific person, as an emotional response to a situation or interaction. However, when the music goes to the people – it occupies its place in their hearts and often not, as originally planned by the author. People find in the texts of their meaning, not incorporated by the author originally, and it’s very good. More than half of my audience is female . So says the statistics. Yes , to the woman I am addressing in his poetry most often, but not always . And well , not all my songs are about love. What are the TOP 5 Golden rules for your life?

Gleb Khan:
– Be honest! First and foremost, for ourselves.
– Do not have Affairs with people who lie.
– Remember, nothing is actually not ours, but our life ! All that we value in the material world eventually turns into dust .
Good returns good, if not wait .
– Evil is always returned in any case. Love your enemy.
God bless and protect your family and loved ones , honor your parents . Tell us about your Shoe brand? How do you manage to combine the singer’s life and career as a designer?

Alex Mazurin is a designer brand of clothing and shoes that I run, but I am not a designer and don’t make a career in the fashion industry. Your ideas I will relay to my team and together with the designer we get a successful collection . And work for 9 years . Time, of course, not enough rest, but I’m not tired from work, after all, my favorite thing – not a job at all ! What would you wish our readers?

Gleb Khan: you Know, there are unique girls, they eat sweet as much as you want and not get fat!!! So: I wish you all to eat and not get fat! And each to meet a man with whom will feel like behind a stone wall, and if you have already met the healthy children. Take care and stand by your man! Trust in him, then he’s everything and you’re life will turn out.

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