«Гламурный полицейский» из Санкт-Петербурга покоряет Москву The hero of the new movie, released on the YouTube channel Andrei Malakhov, was a former law enforcement officer. Roman Karplyuk is very popular in social networks. The young man gave an exclusive interview to the TV presenter and chief editor of “StarHit”.

24-year-old Roman Karplyuk worked in St.-Petersburg police. However, the fall of this year, his life changed radically. The picture of that guy showed in the program “Evening Urgant”. In an exclusive interview to Andrey Malakhov Roman told how he received glory.

“I started calling local TV channel: “We want to interview you, you will be a sensation.” How so? What is the sensation? For me it was a shock. Since I was a civil servant, I have been banned any comments, so no, I didn’t engage in polemics,” – said Malakhov Roma.

The young man resigned from the authorities, as ready to manifest itself in other areas. On Instagram Karpluk signed by more than 170 thousand people. As recognized by a former policeman, he was even recognized abroad.

“See yourself as a public figure. Thinking about how to start YouTube channel”, – said Roman.
«Гламурный полицейский» из Санкт-Петербурга покоряет Москву

The novel was filmed in a professional photo shoot and answered the questions of the interview with Andrey Malakhov. It turned out that the young man is a Lieutenant of justice. Karplyuk told that he could travel only up to the second year of University, then he was banned. In social networks the ex-policeman, there are haters, and those who he admires. He often gets compliments from the ladies in the comments to the photos. But now he has a girl he is planning to build a serious relationship.

Some time ago, Roman moved to Moscow, which wants to develop their talents. The full interview with a young police officer watching on the YouTube channel Andrey Malakhov.