Glafira Tarhanova struck the youth in the photo without makeup

Глафира Тарханова поразила молодостью на фото без макияжа
Mothers hardly give 20 years.

Photo: Instagram

34-year-old Glafira Tarhanova in the autumn of last year became a mother for the fourth time. She gave birth to another son, who was named a rare name Nicephorus. The actress continued to work as long as did not interfere with a big belly. And from the very first days of baby’s life glaphyra returned to the theater. With a newborn baby Tarkhanov went on tour, and the entire creative team helped her. Perhaps a busy schedule has helped the star pretty quickly get in shape after the fourth birth.

Now Glafira in addition surprised the fans the fact that without makeup she looks like a teenager. Soon, she would pass for older sister of his sons, the eldest of whom — Korney, recently turned 10 years old.

Tarkhanov published in a personal blog a “selfie” with the glasses on which it is possible to give 15 years. Although some fans and decided that this archival photo and it the aid 12. But no, at that age one could hardly make a color-a “selfie” of such good quality. Indeed, in 1995, the year when Tarhanova in fact, it was 12 only started to appear digital “soap tray”. And then certainly no one thought to take pictures of himself.

“I have no personal cosmetologist, basically satisfied yourself treatments at home, said the actress in an interview with the magazine “7 Days”. Although recently visited the salon were doing an intensive massage of the face, after which increases muscle tone and elasticity of the skin. Can’t say about the result — it will be visible only after some time… Of skin care cosmetics prefer one well-known brand, which is produced in Siberia. Fortunately, I did not have very sensitive skin, so creams usually chosen by trial and error. Still watching, that his hand was right: for an actress well-groomed hands is also a business card as a person”.