Glafira Tarhanova first came out since the baby was born

Глафира Тарханова впервые вышла в свет после родов
The actress leads an active life two weeks after the birth of their fourth child.

Photo: Archive of the press service

Glafira Tarkhanov was a four-time mother on 19 September, and yesterday she attended the first social event after childbirth. Feels mother of many children just fine and looks the same. The fourth pregnancy has had on the figure of the actress. However, the waist has not yet returned to its normal thin state, but this is a normal story for a birth to a woman. Especially after multiple births.

Tarkhanov has led elder sons, Korney, Ermolai, the proud, the premiere of the musical “the Little Prince” in the Circus of Wonders.

“Charged with a festive mood! — said the actress. — Modern show that can surprise and enthrall little and big spectators. It is a magical synthesis: laserre shows, acrobatics, animals and much more, in one performance!”

Sons Tarhanova was pleased, however, to pose for the photographers refused. And Glafira is not very wants photos of her children in the press. As for the newborn baby, it is the evening spent with father, actor Alexei Fadeevym. By the way, glaphyra and her husband still did not tell the public who they had: a son or daughter. Fans still hope that this time came to light the girl.