ГК АЛЮТЕХ представила новую автоматику для роллет

New action, which presented the Group of companies “ALUTECH” will simplify the management of roller shutter systems. The range of new products includes remote controls for remote control, motors for canvas structures with a large mass and electric actuators with built-in radios.

ГК АЛЮТЕХ представила новую автоматику для роллет

Comfort squared: ALUTECH drives with integrated radio receiver

The long-awaited novelty in the line of automatics for roller shutter systems — electric motors with built-in radio. This solution increases the operating comfort of motor vehicles and facilitates the process of installation of protective structures: now you don’t have to install the radio and connect it to the drive. To evaluate the new product fully can owners who decided to put automation at the end inside of your home.

New engines combine a range of significant advantages:

• To order drives available in 6 models for shafts of 40 mm and 60 mm with a capacity from 6 to 50 Nm, whereby they can be used for a wide size range of shutters.
• New motors as simple as possible in programming. Manage all recorded devices in rolling mode, through the channel “0” and there is no need to group on a dedicated channel is used device — they are automatically grouped on the channel “0”. Moreover, in a modernized version of the engines on the end of the copy process stored in the memory of the drive units, group them or delete misleading special sound signal, as well as intermittent movement of the web up and down.
• The range of the new automation — up to 100 meters in line of sight.
• Protection from cloning remotes is provided through the use of advanced technology of dynamic codes.
• Mount that allows you to lock the panel on the wall, supplied.

Ergonomics and aesthetics in one: new consoles for remote control

ALUTECH offers remotes for remote control of roller shutter systems in several versions, which allows you to choose the device that will be a great addition to the interior in any style.

So, the range of Groups represented, portable, single-channel remote controls AT-1, which is a cost effective solution for small homes where the shutters are equipped with just a few window and door openings, as well as multi-channel devices AT-15 with the ability to manage multiple structures (up to 15 devices) separately or simultaneously. This means that owners will not have to waste time opening shutters in some rooms and closing the other: using a single remote can control all the shutters in the house, which, of course, will appreciate spacious cabins with plenty of Windows and doors.

You can choose from wall-mounted single-channel AT-1S and multi-channel AT-15S consoles. They, like portable devices, stand out simple design, not overloaded with unnecessary details, but also maximum operational safety thanks to the use of dynamic codes.

Remarkable power: the drive for roller shutters with a large mass of cloth

Another functional product range of roller shutter automation ALUTECH group of companies: tubular electric AM3-PP/160-07 with a torque of 160 Nm and a rotation speed of 7 rpm. The motor is equipped with emergency opening system optimal for roll systems with a large mass of fabric.

The new product is able to raise and lower rolletnye grates from the profile AEG84 in combination of 3+1 with a reinforcing profile AEG45/S (the maximum grid size is 5.5×3.5 m), thereby covering the most common openings.

To control roller shutter systems with the new motor can be used wired switch and an external radio control unit CURD-1 with the possibility of connection of security systems (sensitive edge photocells).
Tubular drive is not only high power but also reliability, ease of operation and simplicity of installation.

Thus the ALUTECH group of companies is analogous to the issue of security of different objects in a complex, offering not only a modern roller shutter system, and reliable automation to control these protective structures. Automatic DOORS — a perfect match of functionality, safety and beauty.

To get more information about automatic DOORS, please contact your nearest representative of the Group of companies in the region.


The group of companies “ALUTECH” is the market leader of roller shutter systems, a leading provider of sectional doors and aluminium profile systems in Eastern and Western Europe. The holding company and 5 production plants and more than 20 sales companies in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Germany and Austria. In stock company presents a comprehensive solution to equip garages, and industrial warehouses and other facilities.