Родившая в 15 лет жительница Казани согласилась на ДНК-тест Milan and Daniel Suleimanova checked, of whom a daughter was born. A young girl is sure that the child’s father is her husband, but his family suspects her cheating boyfriend.
Родившая в 15 лет жительница Казани согласилась на ДНК-тест

In the new issue of “Let them talk” appeared two teenagers from Kazan, Dan and Milan Sulaimanova. 14 years old girl got pregnant from the guy. He was two years older than her. As recognized by the guys, they loved each other, and therefore did not get rid of the child. By about the seventh month of pregnancy Milana they were married. They managed to get permission to marry.

However, family life was difficult. After the birth of her daughter Angelica Dan went to work, and Milan all days were dedicated to the education of her daughter. The couple became strained relationships with their parents, whom they lived. On the other hand grandmother of Daniel, Natalia Y., believes that Milan work up of the child.

“It’s not his baby. And I believe,” said the older woman.

According to Natalia Yakovlevna, she brought up one of two children. Danya has another brother. Custody to the grandmother herself was not registered, but says the boy’s mother was constantly gone. Besides, Milan does not communicate with granddaughter.

Came to the Studio of Milan stated that a relative of her husband’s lying.

“There was a situation where I was forbidden to communicate with her granddaughter. I don’t want the child to remain with these people. When Daniel comes to visit them. They are drunk. It every day,” said the young mother.
Родившая в 15 лет жительница Казани согласилась на ДНК-тест

Milan said earlier that the grandmother demanded Tribute money, and called him henpecked. Besides, the woman offered him to drink with her.

Once a guy stayed at Milan because he was allegedly not allowed to go home. When they started Dating, they didn’t have intimacy. The girl admitted that he loved Danny, but now she feels more warm feelings to my daughter Angelica.

Mom Milana, Irina also came to the Studio. Allegedly, she learned about pregnancy of the daughter from the conversation of the two unfamiliar women on the bus. It seemed to her that her daughter just got better, as growing.

“I didn’t know about the pregnancy. I didn’t want this fate for his daughter. I just said, when he had that will sleep separately”, – said Irina.

Daughter has long denied the fact of their pregnancy. Irina was not even thinking that the girl had an abortion. She was ready to growing family. “It was a shock. I couldn’t sleep for a week,” recalled the woman.

Родившая в 15 лет жительница Казани согласилась на ДНК-тест

Milan was very worried that Dan had consumed alcohol when they were just starting to meet. “He drank every day. We live together, but now he reaches for it. He smokes from the second class,” said a young mother.

Husband Milan Daniel is outraged that grandmother does not believe him. The guy on the side of his wife. “I met her in school. We studied, talked. Once I arrived to take a walk in Yudino. Then offered to meet with her. She hasn’t met,” shared the young man.

He confirmed that his family abused alcohol. Himself Dan tries not to drink. “When I’m tired, I’m trying to relax now,” he admitted, but realized that it is better not to touch the bottle.

Родившая в 15 лет жительница Казани согласилась на ДНК-тест

Grandmother Milana rose supports Dan. She claims that she loves darling granddaughter. The woman gave birth in 16 years, so understands Milan and believes that she is a good mother.

As guests came to the Studio Valya Isaeva who gave birth at an early age. Now she has problems in relationship with the father of her children Habib by Patagonum.

“Life is hard for me, because Habib was flown to Tajikistan. His family wants him to marry another girl. I know he’s not married, he would come back. We are all waiting for. He flew home to do the documents,” – said Isayev.
Родившая в 15 лет жительница Казани согласилась на ДНК-тест

At the end of the transfer announced the results of the DNA test. The genetic material took a little Angelica and Daniel. Milan convinced of his rightness.

“A DNA test. The probability that the father of Angelica Daniel is 99.9%,” – said Dmitry Borisov.

Milan summed up: she’s not ready to give to babysit the granddaughter of my Daniel.