Gisele Bundchen pregnant again

Жизель Бундхен снова беременна
The model will become a mother for the third time.


Although the 36-year-old Gisele Bundchen has not yet
made an official statement, thanks to the photographer who filmed her on the beach in
Rio de Janeiro, the world learned that the model is again expecting a child. Tight
dress turquoise almost no place left of doubt that Giselle is pregnant. This photo shoot
placed on the pages of the website

However, before fans began to notice
changes to the figure, Bundchen. Back in September on vacation in Italy model
showed his super flat stomach. And then usually do not simply slender, and
skinny Giselle suddenly fell in love with loose t-shirts, under which
visible bulge in the abdomen. The assumption that the model is just
ate too much for lunch before heading to the photo shoot looks
not too believable – after all, Bundchen fanatical supporter of healthy
power, never allowing himself any luxuries. But it is possible
what Giselle and her husband have already moved on to the next phase of his
plan to expand family.

Neither Bundchen nor her 39-year-old husband, football player Tom Brady never
hide the fact that want many children. Especially sought Giselle, because she
grew up in a large family — she has
five sisters, one of whom is her “twin sister”. One of the friends of the model told
some time ago, that Tom and Gisele had planned to have children every three
year quicker to carry out his plan. If you consider that eldest son
Bundchen seven years and daughter Vivian for four years, the couple has at least
the year behind “schedule.” However, harm in doing nothing, they are both
quite young.