Gisele Bundchen is pregnant for the third time — according to the media

Жизель Бюндхен беременна в третий раз — утверждают СМИ

According to the Western press, Gisele bündchen soon for the third time will become a mother.

Жизель Бюндхен беременна в третий раз — утверждают СМИ

At the photo shoot Gisele Bundchen (Gisele Bundchen) in Brazil, journalists saw under the tight-fitting turquoise dress supermodels rounded tummy. According to the portal TMZ, the former “angel” Victoria’s Secret pregnant.

Photos published on TMZ (@tmz_tv) Dec 23 2016 4:35 PST

The model itself has not commented on the rumors about what will happen to the third child.

Gisele bündchen seven years married to American football player Tom Brady (Tom Brady). They have a seven year old son Benjamin (Benjamin Rein Brady) and four-year-old daughter Vivian (Vivian Lake Brady). The athlete also has a son from actress Bridget Moynahan (Bridget Moynahan), nine-year-old John (John Edward Thomas Moynahan).