Подружка молодого Бекхэма поклялась ему в вечной любви
Chloe Moretz sure that finding your soul mate.

Подружка молодого Бекхэма поклялась ему в вечной любви

Brooklyn Beckham and Chloe Moretz

Photo: @chloegmoretz/Instagram

20-year-old actress
Chloe Moretz has pleased his fans by sharing a black and white photo of your loved one and providing
its touching signature. We are talking about the photo, which depicted her
boyfriend — Brooklyn Beckham — the sweater on
which says: “Love me forever!” What Chloe said: “I promise!”

Moretz and son
Victoria and David Beckham are now experiencing for the third round of their
relations. However, this time, they seem to have the most serious intentions
with respect to each other. The first novel, the young Moretz and Beckham began in
2014 and then lasted about a year. Then they
back together again in 2016 to once again break up after a while. As
hinted then Chloe, their relationship was hindered by the distance. She actively acted in
movie, traveling around the world. And Brooklyn most of the year lived with his parents in

Brooklyn Beckham

Photo: @chloegmoretz/Instagram

This fall, however, Brooklyn moved to new York to study at the University of the art of photography. And now they see each other more often. And Chloe on the arm flaunts a diamond ring, the appearance of which gave rise to rumors about their engagement.

Curiously, Chloe admitted recently she did not notice the break in relations with Brooklyn: “I think we really found each other. After all, when we reunite after a break, we both sometimes feel as if we parted only yesterday,” by the way, Moretz has established an excellent relationship with the mother of his beloved Victoria. “She’s kind of awesome. I just adore her!” — said Chloe.