Подруга Виктории Бони заставила ее терпеть боль Star decided to get my first tattoo. According to Victoria, the friend of Monica gave her the idea to fill a small picture. The woman showed subscribers the video, filmed during a visit to the salon and the procedure itself.
Подруга Виктории Бони заставила ее терпеть боль

TV presenter and former member of popular reality show “Dom-2” Victoria Bonia decided to first tattoo. At the moment the woman is in Hollywood with a friend. A few hours ago, the star went to the master and stuffed figure.

“I wonder if anyone ever thought that Monica can so badly affect me. Because Manicy I go for it. But for you, for a friend I’ll do it,” Victoria says before you open the door to the tattoo parlor.

During the procedure, Bonia filmed the video, which showed subscribers how the American tattoo parlor. “My first and last tattoo,” he told the star followers. Victoria admitted that at some point the wizard she was really hurt.

Subscribers wondering what drawing or inscription filled celebrity. The presenter has not yet dared to show the image, but only hinted, what did the initials.

“Yes, Victoria, I didn’t expect this”, “that’s Right, Bon! Your body is your business! One and never look on how to paint, to fill a tattoo and if so, Why? Don’t need these tattoos. I did the tattoo in 15 years and only 30 need to get rid of it,” “Not a good idea to make a tattoo on his fingers as we wash hands very often, and the tattoo will start to peel off” – opinions of the followers of Boni.

While women are enjoying the walks in Hollywood, little daughter Bonnie Angelina Leticia is staying with father Alex Smerfit. The man gave her a weekend of dreams. The businessman took the girl to an amusement Park, and allowed her to choose anything in the toy store. After parting parents Angelina retained a friendly relationship. Victoria does not preclude meetings of the successor of the father.

Followers have repeatedly criticized the woman that she demonstrates only a fashionable look but says almost nothing about friends and relatives. Bonia has apologised to members and explained why she doesn’t want to publicize everything that happens to her.

“I want to live for yourself, where is my personal space (family, child, relationship with a man), and there is a small life for “Instagram” (travel, salons, sports and nutrition). Great share I can’t, but if it’s not in the ribbon, this does not mean that it is not in my life. Learn to respect other people’s space, I think everyone has the right to something personal,” said Victoria in one of the posts.