Подруга Светланы Бондарчук опубликовала ее откровенное фото Celebrity struck flawless figure on holiday. The socialite has decided to spend the may holidays at the ocean in the company of his close friend. Hope Obolenskaya filmed Svetlana Bondarchuk in a spicy view at the beach and shared this frame on the social network.

48-year-old fashion editor Svetlana Bondarchuk decided to go on holiday to the Maldives together with her friend Hope Obolensky. Socialite actively shares with subscribers sun pictures on the page in Instagram. Hope also publishes lots of pictures and even posted racy photos of Svetlana in which a woman posing against the backdrop of the ocean. Obolenskaya compared with girlfriend Kim Kardashian.

The immediately provoked a strong reaction of followers. “Gorgeous!”, “Figure – fire!”, “Everyone would have to look! Light, you’re beautiful!” “What a figure! You’re a goddess!”, “What kind of work – so look! I delighted!” – wrote numerous compliments fans of a celebrity.

Apparently, the star was tired from Moscow traffic and decided to go for the good mood. Svetlana watches the skin and tries to stay in the sun for a limited amount of time. Also the star carefully selects their diet to stay slim.

Subscribers Svetlana has long been puzzled by its slimness and they always say that it looks great. As recognized itself Bondarchuk, she has lead a healthy lifestyle. Svetlana said that for many years not to eat the meat, always very tight and slowly eats his Breakfast. Celebrity notes that the secret of youth contains not only proper nutrition but in the positive attitude, the right thoughts.

Many fans of the socialite waiting for her to announce the new novel, since her final breakup with the famous Director was a lot of time. However, Bondarchuk is in no hurry to devote fans details his personal life. Despite the fact that the woman was separated from her husband, she retained her ex-lover a friendly relationship.