Girlfriend Svetlana Bondarchuk gave her personal secret

Подруга Светланы Бондарчук выдала ее личную тайну Secular browser Bozena of Rynska, a close friend of TV presenter and model, told how the ex-wife of a famous Director after the divorce. However, the details of the life of Svetlana Bondarchuk journalist to advertise was not out of respect to other people’s secrets.

      Подруга Светланы Бондарчук выдала ее личную тайну

      Well-known journalist and socialite Bozhena Rynska, familiar with many stars of show business and knows their secrets, shared his thoughts about the separation of Fedor and Svetlana Bondarchuk in his Facebook. Rynska, which has long been friendly with the former wife of a famous Director, editor of a glossy magazine, model and TV presenter, clarified the situation with the divorce of his friend. After a huge amount of media coverage about the breakup of the star couple and even despite a formal statement of celebrities, many believe that she is the victim of circumstances, which for so many years lived in ignorance and now should be feeling negative emotions about what happened.

      However Bozena in comments to one of your posts has assured its subscribers that it — not true. “In short — She ran out of patience long ago and another life,” wrote the secular obozrevatelya. And in another discussion on Facebook Bozena told even more. “Svetlana krasivuy – one? Don’t make me laugh. Svetlana no one in a long time. In the year 2012, if I’m not mistaken, Fedor tried to persuade Svetka back, gave her a rock, all my friends tried to persuade Svetka not to leave, and so on. It’s not my secret, I have no right to name names, but she asks not one and have not one” – said Rynska.

      Подруга Светланы Бондарчук выдала ее личную тайну

      We will remind, about the breakup of a 48-year-old Fedor and 47-summer Svetlana Bondarchuk became known in mid-March. The couple made an official statement in which he said about the divorce and his decision to stay after him on friendly terms, and the absence among them of any resentment and conflict. They also noted that experiencing gratitude and mutual respect for each other over the years spent together.

      The stars marriage lasted 25 years, they have two children, 16-year-old Barbara and 25-year-old Sergei, and two adorable granddaughters — Margaret and three-year-old Faith. The eldest child of Sergei and Svetlana in films (“Stalingrad”, “Warrior”) and her younger daughter due to health problems he is in hospital abroad. Varya was born prematurely, so she has features of development, and she needs constant medical care. About the child Svetlana repeatedly told with exceptional tenderness as “Sunny, cheerful and smiling” the little man.

      Special children stars pierce through the wall of indifference

      Previously, the media also came the news that Fedor is allegedly Dating 27-year-old actress Paulina Andreeva. Talking about it close to the environment Director. However, the actress, star of TV series “the Method” and the film “the Locusts”, and also a member of the troupe of the Moscow art theatre. Chekhov, appear at social events alone and does not comment on this information, and Bondarchuk himself has refrained from making public statements.

      Подруга Светланы Бондарчук выдала ее личную тайну

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