Girlfriend Ronaldo congratulations on your pregnancy

Девушку Роналду поздравляют с беременностью It is possible that the athlete will become a father for the second time. To such conclusion the correspondents of foreign publications, as well as fans of Cristiano Ronaldo. The player himself and his passion not yet commented on the information that appeared in the media.
Девушку Роналду поздравляют с беременностью

Not so long ago, 32-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo has intrigued the public with a joint photo with his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez. Fans of the pair noticed the rounded belly of beloved athlete and has suggested that he is preparing to become a father for the second time. They immediately began to congratulate Ronaldo and Rodriguez in social networks.

After some time, foreign media published new photos of lady Cristiano, which provoked heated discussions. The pictures, published in several editions, Cristiano and Georgina captured during a walk on the beach. Young people look very happy. The footballer does not hide his feelings to the girl and slightly prinimaet her.

Девушку Роналду поздравляют с беременностью

Some fans of sports stars have come to the conclusion that he will become a father of twins. According to them, this supposedly indicates the shape of the abdomen of its second half. Anyway, mother Ronaldo denies information about possible pregnancy Georgina. Dolores Santos argues that she did not know anything about it. Reporters asked the parent of a celebrity to comment on the resonance snapshot, published in his Instagram.

“Cristiano just put his hand on Georgina’s belly in that photo. As far as I know, they are expecting a baby soon. The Cristiano more children, he really wants to, and he has the money to provide for them. But the speculation that Georgina is waiting for Cristiano child, is wrong,” said Santos.

Meanwhile, members of Georgina Rodriguez actively congratulate her and wish her easy birth, and health of future children. They believe that the model of a famous football player will be great parents. Georgina herself is not responding to comments of fans, preferring to keep details of their personal lives secret from the public.

First player spotted with his new darling in November last year. It is known that Georgina Santos – model of Spanish origin. The first time, young people preferred to hide his affair from the public, but in January they held their first joint publication. Ronaldo and Georgina attended the annual ceremony of awarding The Best FIFA Football Awards. Company love was the son of an athlete – a 6-year-old Cristiano Jr.

Recall that the first baby Ronaldo was born in 2010. Charming Cristiano was born from a surrogate mother. A few months ago in the media there was speculation that the footballer is planning to again resort to assisted reproductive technologies. Journalists also claimed that Ronaldo would become the father of twins.

Девушку Роналду поздравляют с беременностью