Подруга Джима Керри покончила с собой из-за того, что он ее бросил
Published a suicide note by Katrina white.

Jim Carrey and Catriona white

Photo: Splash News/East news

the Internet portal
managed to get the text of the letter
Catriona White
a last year,
he wrote to his
boyfriend Jim
Kerry. It
she pointed directly
which took
the decision to die.
White died
Jim dumped her,
and she could not and did not want to live without him…

in September
last year
it was found
Catriona’s body’s,
who died
from poisoning
a huge dose of medications,
the police almost immediately came to the conclusion that it was suicide and not an accident. Was
found a suicide
note, however,
details of its content
were not disclosed.
And now
became known,
what the woman wrote before
how to go
of life.

and Catriona met in 2012 and met
three years. The relationship was difficult: few major fights, breakups, reunions… In may
2015 they once again came together, and Catriona clearly hoped “to live long and happily and die in one day.” However, just a few weeks later Kerry once again
left her, and this time, apparently, completely. According to friends white, she made several attempts to re-establish relations, but it seems that the behavior of Jim left her no hope.

spent three
day, trying
force yourself
you more
not with me
next. Could
to try
to heal my
broken heart
to collect my
to pieces
life. I could
would, but for this
again I have no
neither the strength nor the will
to do it…
Forgive me
for what I
made. I
tried so hard
become you
need to give
you all the best
that is in
I…,” wrote white in his last letter. These recent accusations addressed to Jim Carrey.

In addition, Catriona instructed Jim to organize his own funeral: “I do not
know anything
about the ceremony
You’re my family,
and for you to decide
a rite
to choose.”
It also
to Jim
selling it
property and
transmits the received

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