Подруга Джима Керри в предсмертной записке: «Я старалась отдать тебе лучшее» Details became known of the last letter Katrina white. The suicide of a makeup artist happened after the breakup with Hollywood actor Jim Carrey. The girl before his death, addressed a note to a former lover.

      Подруга Джима Керри в предсмертной записке: «Я старалась отдать тебе лучшее»

      At the end of September last year, the public was shocked by the news that the ex-girlfriend of Hollywood actor Jim Carrey Catriona white has committed suicide. She died from an overdose of drugs. Friends found the girl’s body in her apartment. The room was also found a suicide letter, but its contents were not disclosed for a long time. Due to the mention of there name Kerry suggested that Catriona took his own life because of a painful breakup with the actor.

      Last love: Jim Carrey and Catriona white

      Only now was divulged the details of the message, which was written before his death white. In it she makes clear that she could not bear the thought of the severance of relations with Jim.

      “I spent three days, not believing that you’re not there. I could try to heal my broken heart and try to pick up the pieces. I could, but this time I have no strength and desire. I tried to give you all that is best in me” – as argued by white before he died.

      Catriona also discussed the details of her future funeral. She was asked to perform the rite as Jim sees fit. “I don’t know anything about the burial ceremony. You’re my family, and you decide how things should be.”

      The ceremony of farewell with Catriona took place in their home city Cappawhite, which is located in Ireland. Jim Carrey came to the funeral and stayed close to sister white. During the ceremony, the Hollywood actor, tried not to give vent to your feelings, but at some point he could not hold back tears. Jim has also carried the coffin of a once beloved woman, seeing her on her final journey.

      Jim Carrey arrived at the funeral of ex – lover

      “She was a sweet and gentle Irish flower, too sensitive for this earth: to love and be loved – everything that made her happy,” wrote Kerry about Catriona. My heart goes out to her family and friends and all who loved her and cared about her. It’s like we all got hit by the thunderbolt”.

      The girl in her letter was quick to apologize and admitted that he feels bad to this world. Catriona was planning own death and even chose the date – September 28, the day of the death of her father. A few days before the suicide, she deleted an account on Twitter, which caused concern among his friends, reports the Daily Mail.

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