Подруга Криштиану Роналду показала подросших близнецов
Fans discuss who looks like a kids player.

Georgina Rodriguez, Cristiano Ronaldo

Photo: Social Networks

The other day a friend of Cristiano Ronaldo, Georgina
Rodriguez shared a photo of his grown children. 24-year-old beauty posed for
this picture is in the Jacuzzi with three younger children of a footballer. Picture
it was a completely idyllic: all four — and nine-month-old twins
Eve with Matteo, and 7-year-old son Ronaldo — Cristiano— Junior, and she Georgina
look completely happy. Now fans busy discussing who
similar twins.

You might think that Rodriguez is splashing in
the pool with their kids. However, it is not. Daughter Georgina — Alans,
she gave birth to football in November last year, just not on this
photo. Apparently, Rodriguez decided that the child was too young for the games in the Jacuzzi — she’s only
4 months. However, for the three
captured in the photo children, the names of their moms Ronaldo was not disclosed. Senior
son gave birth to his girlfriend, who refused after the birth of their
parental rights — her identity Cristiano managed to keep secret. And kids
Eva and Matteo endured for a player they hired a surrogate mother.

And yet, the idyll in the photo is not apparent. Georgina, which really like
to deal with toddlers, in fact, became a “foster mother” to three children
player. Moreover, in the future, the number of its pupils may still
increase. Indeed, as stated by Ronaldo, he wants to increase the number of his children to
seven! As admitted by the player, of the children he adores. As for
specifically, the numbers “7”, then it is his lucky number.