Girlfriend Cristiano Ronaldo shared the first photo of their daughter

Подруга Криштиану Роналду поделилась первым фото их дочки
Georgina Rodriguez believes all children Ronaldo — his.

Подруга Криштиану Роналду поделилась первым фото их дочки

Georgina Rodriguez daughter


22-year-old Georgina Rodriguez, the girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo, recently
oschastlivlivaya his fourth child, has shared the first photo of their newborn daughter.
Rodriguez posed for this picture on the sofa surrounded by flowers and gifts. But in the hands
Giorgini comfortably perched quite still a tiny girl. However, the girl’s face,
which parents gave the name of Alan Martin, Rodriguez covered with a sheet. So
the fans could only see a tiny handle girls. But all received
the opportunity to see how good looking the young mother, who just
four days ago I experienced such a difficult test, such as childbirth.

“I want to thank all and above all, doctors and hospital staff,
I gave birth to a child. They have shown amazing care of
to me both before and during childbirth. And
after we had our little
about her, too. No less thanks to our families and
friends literally covered us with flowers and gifts. And also to say
“thank you” to all the fans who have supported me with your kind
regards!” — signed Georgina touching the.

“I am grateful to God for our wonderful and
perfectly healthy baby Alan. As
however, for three of our other children!” said Rodriguez, who already
believes older kids Ronaldo born to two anonymous surrogate mothers — their own, and claims that just loves them all.

Recall: in the family of Ronaldo, before the birth of Alana, grew up the son
Cristiano Jr., who is now 7 years old. And this summer, the player surprised everyone
saying that he had two more children, twins Eva and Matteo, for the sake of
which he even missed the final game of the confederations Cup.

Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo with children