Подруга Кэмерон Диаз подтвердила беременность актрисы
The dream of the actress to become a mother is close to fruition.

Cameron Diaz husband


As reported by one of her friends Cameron Diaz, who has long dreamed of
the child actress is preparing for the birth of her first child. The star and her husband Benji Madden absolutely happy: this was reported edition of In Touch.

It turns out that Cameron has been three years since then, as it became
the lawful wife of musician Benji Madden. — trying to conceive.
Since last year the actress
turned 45, she decided to resort to IVF. However, until recently,
time her attempts were unsuccessful. While Diaz was sure,
that her health is all in order, and all objective medical
the performance was absolutely normal… Cameron started to lose hope and
thinking about how to adopt a child. But after another course of treatment
the doctors told her that she finally

At the time, the actress is not too eager neither to marry nor to have
seven times. She even called marriage “outdated social institution.” However
after her best friend Nicole Richie introduced Cameron with musician Benji
Madden, a brother of her husband Joel, things have changed. Shaking his affair with Benji
a little more than six months, Diaz, to the extreme astonishment of her friends, married him
married. Wedding they played in her own home in Beverly hills. Then Cameron almost stopped
in the movies, devoting all her time to her husband and writing books about healthy
lifestyle. And now she is ready to be a mother.