Девушка с водой Fiji стала звездой «Золотого Глобуса»

The film awards ceremony “Golden globe” the public expects not only because of the colorful and expensive designer outfits, but because of the memes! Film award “Golden globe 2019” is no exception and even gave the girl who just spread the water popular!

Девушка с водой Fiji стала звездой «Золотого Глобуса»

In addition to the celebrity this year on the red carpet was attended by an interesting person. IT wouldn’t have noticed if she’d so often glimpsed in photos with celebrities. The girl looks pretty in the blue dress standing with a tray of water is Fiji. The girl offers guests a bottle of water and constantly was in the picture, while looking into the lens and posing with water. She did this on purpose as part of an advertising campaign of the water or accidentally fell into the frame — is not known.

Friendly and witty netizens just could not leave unnoticed such a feature photo from the red carpet “Golden Globe” and even coined the name of the girl: “You can be the biggest celebrity in the world, but you will never become a Fiji water girl”. the network has already appeared a lot of memes and some have even insisted that the girl gave its own award!

Девушка с водой Fiji стала звездой «Золотого Глобуса»
It turned out that the girl named Kellet Cuthbert and she is a model. On instagram, she put up photos from the ceremony. The request has received a response and model presented the award in the nomination “the Best support on the red carpet”. However, she was not handed the statuette, and a bottle of Fiji water! In the network she made a video message: “I don’t even know what to say! Yesterday I was an ordinary girl and even could not imagine that it would be here. For me this is a huge honor! I want to thank all of the stars, which gave us the opportunity to work with them. And especially Richard Madden, Nicole Kidman, Dakota fanning and Luke Evans and Lucy Boynton”.

Not only the images on the red carpet draws the attention of the public, but also on the speech of the stars. So, in 2017, Golden Globe condemned of Tom Hiddleston. The actor received the award for the best role in the mini-series “Night administrator” (“The Night Manager”), but instead of the traditional Hello to the family-your family-and to everyone who supported, Hiddleston suddenly began to tell stories about life, particularly about what impression on it was made by employees of charities. Tom may put some other message into your own words, but the audience saw pompous, proud, and narcissistic actor, who boasts of his good deeds.
“Once we were sitting in the dining room, and we were approached by a group of young people, barely moving his feet. We sat with people from the mission “Doctors without borders” doctors and nurses. They told us that during the shelling watch the TV series “Night administrator”. Even the idea that I can do with my talent to help people from UNICEF, to bring joy and peace into the lives of people who are helping to rebuild the shattered peace – fills my heart with pride,” said the actor.
Hall responded to the words of Tom a puzzled silence, and social networks Hiddleston started throwing stones at the selfish remarks. Many advised the star “down to earth” and to be closer to reality.

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