Girl of Dmitry Tarasova talked about marriage and kids

Девушка Дмитрия Тарасова заговорила о браке и детях Anastasia Kostenko told reporters that she’s ready to legalize the relationship with your loved one and to become a mother for the first time. However, the model prefers not to talk about your man wanting to keep details of their personal lives secret from the public.

      The buzz around the novel of footballer Dmitry Tarasov and model Anastasia Kostenko does not subside. The athlete no longer hide his passion for 22-year-old Vice-miss Russia 2014. He began openly to write the model in social networks. In addition, answering questions of fans, Dimitri denies relationship with a charming brunette. She Kostenko is also no denying that Dating Tarasov. Anastasia recently gave an interview in which he told about his main life values.

      Tarasov made a date Kostenko live

      During the conversation with reporters the model admitted that to her in the first place loved ones. The basis of life beauty finds feelings for the other half. “People are constantly soar, then fall, and more importantly, next to it was a reliable and loving shoulder,” the girl says.

      Journalists asked Kostenko, at what age should get married and have children. According to Anastasia, clear rules in this matter. She also told that they are ready to legalize the relationship with your loved one and give him heirs.

      “The man himself feels when it’s time to start a family, have a baby. I can say that I’m ready,” admitted the model.

      We will note that Dmitry Tarasov himself has repeatedly said that his family is one of the main values in life. In his microblog, the player regularly shares joint photos with a charming daughter from the first marriage of angelina Anna. The athlete spends time with the child. In one of his posts Dmitry quoted a poem dedicated to loved ones:

      Everyone has a purpose,
      one of them is family
      yeah that was like the citadel,
      as a powerful armor.
      So every day, among friends
      from beginning to end,
      the hearth was warm, the evening is quiet
      and in unison of the heart.

      As for talking about personal life, Dmitry Tarasov prefers to avoid the subject. In one of recent posts, the athlete asked social media users to stop asking him about the divorce with a famous TV presenter. Tarasov intimated that he did not intend to answer such questions.

      Dmitry Tarasov announced a new stage in life

      Anastasia Kostenko also prefers not to comment on his affair with the famous footballer. Instead, the model told reporters about what qualities she appreciates in the opposite sex. “For me, the man is the opposite of women, and therefore, the strength, intelligence, strong character and kindness,” shared the model with