Девушка, раздетая Мадонной: «Я не обиделась, я счастлива»

The scandal did not happen. 17-year-old Australian woman, the victim

A little more, and antics Madonna will be working on the reputation of the singer worse a steep public relations specialist… At least a concert in Brisbane, Australia provided the star newspaper editorials, at least for a couple of weeks.

Who does not know Madonna has invited one of the girls on stage and pulled off beauty top front of thousands of audience. Proponents of morality was outraged. Supposedly, Australia is not America, and for such acts the singer could easily land in prison, if the “victim” decides to sue.

But, as it turned out, the fan was not going to do it. On the contrary, believes this is the best time in my life.

Josephina Giorgio – 17 and a beginning model.

“I don’t see this as a big problem,’ said Josephine. Only I can solve, I believe I humiliated myself or not. And I don’t understand why people think I should feel insulted due to the fact that someone saw my Breasts, my nipple or my body,” she assured journalists.

Mother Josephine at this point were in the hall. And it is in the action of the Madonna have not noticed anything wrong. And already wrote on his Facebook post.

And you would what was your reaction to Madonna’s act?

  • Offended for sure!
  • Think burst into tears right on stage…
  • Would have tried to accept with dignity. And then went to court!
  • And I’d be proud. And then all the video showed
  • Other (write in comments)

“So everyone knows: Josephine does not feel humiliated and insulted, according to media reports. She’s ecstatic and believes this moment one of the highlights in my life,” he explained after the scandal the girl’s mother.

“No, seriously, why should I apply for Madonna to court at the best moment in my life? All the time while I was on stage, she called me a Victoria’s Secret model. It’s so nice,” continued Josephine herself.

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