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He is one of the most popular Russian videoblogger and girl Ivanka is the most discussed topic among his fans. Several years ago, the audience of subscribers of Ivan Rudskoy is the real name of itubera, discussed his relationship with Mariana, Ro, Russian videobloggers, less successful than her partner.

Eeoneguy and Mariana Ro met by chance, and at first Marian drew attention to the handsome young man whose picture I saw online and posted on his page. After learning about it from their fans, Eeoneguy decided to meet with Mariana, and for a long time, their communication was limited to correspondence in social networks.

Then Ivan decided to get acquainted with the girl closer and for this went to the Japanese city of Otaru, where Mariana lived with his family. Knowing each other better, the young people continued with the relationship and together moved to Moscow.

However, living together was harder than building long-distance relationships, and a year later Eeoneguy and Mariana Ro broke up, and in his blog, Ivan wrote that the affair with Ro is a mistake. Ex-girlfriend Ivanka in turn told his followers that Ivan beat her, and then just thrown into the street.

After Evangel, Mariana soon met a new love and found happiness in a relationship with a rapper Face. Eeoneguy also not left alone and is now Dating another girl, too videobloggers. For those who would like to know the name of the new girl Ivanka reported, this is Morana Battory – under this name she is known among the Internet community.

To talk about a new relationship of Ivanka started after the network posted a joint photo of Ivan Moran. How dostoverno information that popular videoblogger new novel is unknown, the details of his personal life, he is not divided, as his alleged girlfriend.

Brief biography of Ivanka

This year Evangel was twenty-three years. He was born in Dnepropetrovsk region in the village of Alexandria, in the family veterinarian and economist. Later, when John got to high school, his family moved to the village of Ingulets that under the Curve of the Horn. At school Ivan rudskoy was an excellent student, in addition, he studied in music and art schools, go to judo lessons.

One of his most favorite Hobbies in school years were drawing on the computer, which he quickly mastered, especially in a graphics editor. After graduation, Ivan joined the faculty of applied mathematics, Dnepropetrovsk University, but never graduated, having studied only up to second year.

Learning Iwanga distracted by the desire to concentrate fully on developing their own video channel, created in 2013. The rollers, which put Ivan on the canal was a huge success, bringing blogger to ten thousand subscribers every day.

The first attempt to take a break from YouTube took place much earlier – when Ivan was thirteen, he posted his first video with a song of his own composition, but the debut was not very successful, and at the time Eeoneguy abandoned the hobby.

A few years later he returned to hosting, uploading to his review on the game Minecraft, and not wrong – genre lastplay brought the novice it works great popularity Eeoneguy acquired authority among lastplace and got a huge audience of subscribers.

In 2017, Ivan rudskoy decided to pursue higher education and joined the Department of electronics and information technology of the Polytechnic University in Warsaw.

Until recently Eeoneguy was one of the most popular Runet help with a monthly income of twenty thousand dollars.

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