Girl Danila Kozlovsky tolerate his violent temper

Девушка Данилы Козловского терпит его буйный нрав Young people who are now in Novorossiysk on the filming of “Coach” told about their relationship. In recognition of Olga Zueva, now she lives in two countries. Fiancee Kozlovsky also spoke of quarrels with her lover.
Девушка Данилы Козловского терпит его буйный нрав

Not so long ago, Danila Kozlovsky began work on the painting “Coach” in which he not only played a major role, but also tried himself as a Director. The film also starred beloved actor Olga Zueva. It is expected that tape will be released next year. In the program NTV “You’re not gonna believe this!” Daniel and his fiancee talked about the new film and also about their relationship. They say that they are very serious, so the lovers can get married. However, young people themselves prefer not to think ahead.

In recognition of Olga, she lives in two countries. “I still have work, friends, apartment and cell phone in new York,” said the actress. When the brunette is in Moscow, she is staying in the chosen apartment, located in the heart of the capital. “The ideal Breakfast for me and Dani – it’s Breakfast at home. I always cook Breakfast no matter what time we Wake up”, – said Zuev.

Danila Kozlovsky took off for his beloved posh housing

During the conversation with reporters, the actress also told of the quarrels that arise in her relationship with Kozlowski. In recognition of Olga, there are times when they quarrel. However, young people manage to avoid serious conflicts.

“I’m also quite explosive. I am very emotional, and there are moments when the emotion tipped the scales on both sides. There is a feeling that it would explode, but somehow does not explode,” – said Olga.

In between filming Kozlowski and Zueva travel a lot. In the microblog artist, quite often there are pictures together with the second half, made abroad. Fans of the pair are in awe of the harmony that reigns between them, and looking forward to the wedding. But Daniel and Olga not pushing it, although rumor has it that the actor has already introduced the girl with her mother. Not so long ago that I visited the shooting of the picture “Coach.”

“My mom came here to Novorossiysk. I now hope that my brother will come again. Of course, the reaction from my family, my brothers and parents is important,” said Daniel.

Answering questions of journalists, Kozlovsky also denied speculation that he took her in his project “to pull”. The second half of the actor had to pass the casting. “She really wanted to play and she is very strongly adjusted under the role. Did it quite safely and offered it to me. And I liked it, so she plays the main female role,” – said the young man.