Girl beaten Nick Gordon happy that “don’t end up like Bobbi Kristina brown”

Девушка избитая Ником Гордоном счастлива, что «не закончила как Бобби Кристина Браун»

Laura Lil, new and ex-lover nick Gordon told his version of what happened between her and her boyfriend. Recall that the young man was arrested recently for domestic violence and kidnapping. Now he wears a GPS monitor and awaiting trial, and his ex tells how what happened actually.

Laura States that “it is a miracle that she didn’t end up like Bobbi Kristina brown,” the civil wife of nick, who died in 2015.
“I read about the death of Bobbi Kristina and I was physically scared chills. I learned that she was isolated from family who had no idea what bullying and manipulation going through Christina.. I experienced the same thing,” said Laura edition of the Daily Mail.
As you know, the family of Bobbi Kristina brown blames nick for the death of the girl. In their view, Gordon suggested that the civil wife a toxic cocktail, and seeing that she had no signs of life, put body in tub full of water, thereby mimicking an accident or a suicide. There Chrissy found a family friend who called the ambulance and began to resuscitate her. To life he brought her back, but for the time spent under water, in the brain of Christine came irreversible changes. Six months later, never regaining consciousness, she died, and nick was found guilty in her death. Now he must pay the family of the deceased 30 million dollars.
26-year-old Laura, which miraculously managed to escape, I’m sure, if not for the police she would also be dead.
According to the girl, after a beating incident at a bar, Nick literally dragged her home, and pushed her so hard that she hit her head.
“It all started with pressure and slaps occurred at least once a week. I hid the bruises under the make-up and blamed myself. I thought that problem in me that I need to work more on our relationship,” said Laura.
According to Lilo, she’s never seen that Gordon was a drug user, however, does not exclude that he did it behind her back.
Three months into the relationship, Nick was able to subdue the girl himself, he began to control her life, alienated from family, isolated as it was Christina. According to Laura, he several times in a fit of jealousy and anger destroyed her phone.
Conditioned for two weeks prior to the incident at the bar, Nick raced around the house with a knife, threatening the girl. She locked herself in the bathroom and called for help, then Gordon opened the lock and beat her.
“I thought he loved me. But how can you love someone and carry them through this hell? It’s like two personalities in one person” — I’m sure Lil.