Girl Alexei Chadova to let him go to rest with Agnia Ditkovskite

Девушка Алексея Чадова отпускает его отдыхать с Агнией Дитковските The former couple talked about their relationship and plans for the future. Agniya Ditkovskite and Alexei Chadov get along well with each other and work together. They play in the theater, star in a TV show, and raising the total of the heir of Feodor.
Девушка Алексея Чадова отпускает его отдыхать с Агнией Дитковските

The former couple Alexey Chadov and Agniya Ditkovskite continue to communicate for the common son, Theodore. This year the boy will be four years. His parents not only maintained good relations, but also doing joint projects. Agnes and Alex played in the play “Stranger 32”, and began leading the new reality show “the Allies” in which divorced couples are fighting among themselves to get ten million rubles. In anticipation of the premiere of the TV show Chadov and Ditkovskite told reporters about his friendship and the upbringing of the heir.

Alex did not hide that his heart is occupied. The name of his lady, the actor prefers to keep secret. As it turned out, the girl Chadova allows him to communicate with his ex-wife and let go with her on vacation.

“She understands,’ said the actor, laughing. – I’m not for yourself do it. I rest not at all interesting. But for the son, for the family… See how the son and mother are happy together, and have a lot of fun.”

Agnia Ditkovskite does not exclude that the next time you go on vacation with her ex-husband and his lover. According to Alexey Chadova, so even be more interesting.

Девушка Алексея Чадова отпускает его отдыхать с Агнией Дитковските“Friends have families, anyway, – shared the artist. – And in General more fun. As one of my good friend, many women in the house do not happen.”

Chadov believes that parents should be an example for your child. The son of star couple Fedor grows surrounded with attention and care.

“We agniey do communicate quite close, of course, there are moments in which we can’t break the distance – this refers rather to some personal circumstances,” said Alex.

The ex-wife does not hide the fact that they had to go through a lot. There was a time when they struggled to find a common language. Then Agnes was afraid that Alex would take her son. The same Chadov thought about his ex-wife. According to the actors, they were immersed in their own feelings and refused to listen to each other. “Fears are born when you can’t sit down and just talk to the person”, – said Alexei.

Journalists asked Chadova and Ditkovskite, whether they would be reunited as a couple. “I honestly have no thing to renounce this life,” joked Agnes. At the same time Alex said he was pleased with the way his relationship with his ex-wife. According to the artist, he is proud of ex-wife. “We are here this American family model,” – said Chadov. In turn, Agnes described the friendship with Alex as a sort of “guest marriage”, writes the magazine “OK!”.