Giorgio Armani wants to wear Elizabeth II

Джорджио Армани мечтает одевать Елизавету II
The designer wants to modernize the style of the Queen.

Джорджио Армани мечтает одевать Елизавету II

Queen Elizabeth II


Giorgio Armani


As told to Giorgio Armani, he really wanted
would try to create fashions especially for 90-year-old Elizabeth . As reported
designer, he has ideas on how he could improve the closet of the Queen.

Evaluating, first of all, the style of one of the most
popular members of the Royal family — the wife of a grandson of Elizabeth Duchess of
Katherine, Armani stated that, in his opinion, just as flawless without it
help. But with the Queen he would like to work. “Elizabeth II is a remarkable woman, she is very elegant.
Coming up with their new styles, I’m sometimes inspired by one or another toilet
Queen. But still I would like
a little updating her wardrobe to
a little closer to the style of the younger generation…” said Armani.

Interestingly, not all share the view
the famous designer. For example, the Vanity Fair magazine put in
last year Elizabeth, at the head of their list of “Most elegant women”. And, as
commented a representative of the publication, the Queen was in the first place
precisely because it has for many years taken a strong view of
how to dress: “We admire flawless and consistent sense of style
Queen. At the time, as they don’t change
government, politics, fall of the Empire, Elizabeth is a symbol of
of permanence and stability. It is for us as a beacon reminding about how
plot a course!”