Джину Дэвис бросил молодой муж
Collapsed the fourth marriage of the stars of the movie “Thelma and Louise”.

Джину Дэвис бросил молодой муж

Geena Davis


Husband 62-year-old Gina Davis is a plastic surgeon Reza Farrahi, who is 15 years younger
the actress filed her for divorce. As
the reasons for the dissolution of the marriage provided the standard formulation of “irreconcilable
contradictions”. What are the true motives of the completion of their marriage is unclear. However, in Hollywood, there were rumors about infidelity, a 46-year-old Reza. So ended the fourth marriage of Gina,
the stars of “Thelma and Louise”, “Stuart little” and many other films.

Davis and Farrahi lived together for 17 years. During this time, the actress
bore him three children — twin sons Kian and Kaisa, who are now
for 13 years, and daughter Alizeh — she is
16. Curiously, Gina first became a mother, giving birth to twins when she already celebrated her 47th birthday! In his
of the petition, the divorce of the Cut applied for him and gin joint
custody of their three children. However, he said that categorically refuses
to pay her spousal support check. Moreover, Farahi insists that
he should be the recipient of alimony from Davis.

Before to become the lawful wife of Reza, Gina
managed to get married three times. The first time she married
restaurateur Richard Emmolo with him she divorced
in 1983, having lived only two years. Second husband of the actress was actor Jeff Goldblum:
their marriage was slightly longer, and they broke up after three years
after the wedding. His third wedding, Davis played with Director Renny Harlina. It
stayed in marriage for five years.

Married Farrahi,
Gina was sure I had finally found the person with whom you will live until the end
days. “Reza in principle different from my previous husbands. If I met
any of them now, after he met with Reza, I would only
laughed. He’s not like that: with him I can be myself without fear,
he might blame me… as for the age difference, that she did not
embarrassing. Soon after we started Dating, we stopped
remember, one of us many years. So it is absolutely not matter to us!” said
then Gina. Alas, it seems, she was wrong.

Gina Davis with the family