Gillian Anderson leaves the x-files

Джиллиан Андерсон покидает «Секретные материалы»
The actress has threatened the fate of the cult TV series.

Джиллиан Андерсон покидает «Секретные материалы»

Gillian Anderson

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Gillian Anderson made an unexpected
statement. 49-year-old actress said that it did not intend to play in more famous for her
series. When reporters asked her, whether she has signed already a contract for
participation in the 11th season of “the x-files”, she replied: “No, this is not for me. In the past
year I had a feeling that we haven’t finished yet. I thought we gave
our audience is not all that they expected of us. But now, after
completion of the 10th season, I think for me this topic is closed…”

Recall that the x-files first season
which appeared on television in 1993, was not simply one of the most
popular, it got cult status. Moreover, the makers of other
series, for example “Buffy the vampire Slayer”, admitted that their show
has experienced the strongest impact of the “Secret
materials.” However, after 9 seasons, it was decided to close the show, where
the main role was played by David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.

However, 15 years later — in
2016 fans of the series have received a gift: the screens out the new, 10th season
TV show. Both the leading role seems to have been very happy to return.
What made Jillian decide to leave the show, not exactly known.
Go, however, rumors that she had a fight with the producers — after
allowed himself to public criticism in their address. Well-known feminist, Anderson criticized them for that
they don’t give work in the series women Directors. It’s true: more than 200 series of the show only
2 were withdrawn by the ladies. And announced the 11th season, which viewers will see in
next year, all of the Directors are men. As for
the fate of the series after it left main performer
women’s role, it remains uncertain.

Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny in x-files

Photo: Outnow