Gillian Anderson has described how kissing David Duchovny

Джиллиан Андерсон рассказала, как целуется Дэвид Духовны
The actress confirmed suspicions about her affair with the actor.

Джиллиан Андерсон рассказала, как целуется Дэвид Духовны

Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny on the set

Photo: Splash News/East news

Gillian Anderson


Fans of the cult
series “X-Files” are rejoicing. Gillian Anderson
indirectly confirmed that she was having an affair with David Duchovny. During a recent
TV show, Andy Cohen, the host asked how good a kisser are Spiritual,
if you compare him with other actors. In response, Anderson laughed and
admitted that she doesn’t even remember about the other partners in the shooting, but about
David can say for sure — he kisses
excellent! However, Jillian is a bit stingy and appreciated his art on 8
points in a ten point rating. And even earlier, in
the beginning of the year, Anderson in response to a reporter’s question, what can she say about Duchovny, said: “We have always been the best
friends, and then grown to adults, and relationships!”

Although rumors about
novel Gillian and David are circulating for a long time, neither he nor she never
not directly confirmed that they are not only lovers on the screen. Meanwhile, the gossips claimed that it was an affair with
Anderson was the true cause of Duchovny divorce from his now ex
wife and mother of two children — daughter Madeline, and son Kyd, actress Tea Leoni,
completed in 2014-m to year.

Currently David has no permanent
girlfriend, he removed a lot and quite successfully tries himself as a writer.
By the way, Gillian’s heart now, too freely. Actress twice reached
married and twice divorced. Anderson — a single mother, so in addition to working on
the set, she gives a lot of time
the education of their three children.

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