Джиллиан Андерсон подтвердила, что покидает «Секретные материалы»
Fans of the series desperate.

Gillian Anderson


“This, the 11th season, no doubt
became my last!” – said the actress. However, she hinted that
the company informed. When reporters asked her in October,
if she has signed already a contract to participate in the 12th season of “the x-files”,
she said, “No, this is not for me. Last year I had a feeling,
we’re not finished yet. I thought we gave our audience is not all,
what they expect from us. But now, after the 11th season, I think
for me this topic is closed…”

However, stubborn fans still hoping that the actress will change her mind. The last statement of the actress, did not leave room for doubt, led fans of the series desperate. Because they wanted to see more seasons of the beloved show. This hope gave them the show’s Creator Chris Carter, who a few months ago, said: “we Have many stories for the series. We are going to tell!” Now, after the decision of Anderson, the fate of “Classified materials” at issue. After all, there is a real danger that the second starring — David Duchovny does not want to do without Gillian, and then the series will end…

Recall that the x-files, the first season which aired on television screens in 1993, was not simply one of the most popular, it received a cult status. Moreover, the creators of other shows for example “Buffy the vampire Slayer”, admitted that their show has experienced the strongest impact of “Secret materials”. However, after 9 seasons, it was decided to close the show, where the main roles were played by David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. However, 15 years later, in 2016, fans of the series have received a gift: the screens out the new 10th season of the TV show. And in January of 2018 will start last – the 11th…