Gigi Hadid turned blue!

Джиджи Хадид посинела!

Italian company Moschino turned Gigi Hadid and Kaya Gerber at the aliens! Girls changed the skin color to star in a new advertising campaign for fashion brand. Gigi shared a selfie with Zane Malik, which shows its blue skin. Hopefully, the new skin color does not trigger another breakup.

Advertising campaign created for the new collection fall-winter 2018/19, which became a top model, Kaia Gerber and Gigi Hadid. Removed campaign Steven Meisel and styling worked carlyne CERF de Dudzele. Turned into an alien known models make-up artist Pat McGrath.

Dedicated collection Jeremy Scott style of the wife of the 35th American President John Kennedy, Jacqueline. But this is not the whole meaning. How to explain the unusual skin color of the models? The basis of the collection was based on “conspiracy theory”, following which John F. Kennedy told Marilyn Monroe about the existence of aliens. She couldn’t keep it a secret and wanted to tell the press, for which he was murdered. Unusual skin models, the Creator of the collection is also tied to the politics of Donald trump. “I am not against foreigners, I don’t want to build a wall,” said Scott.

Recently, 25-year-old Zayn Malik and 23-year-old Gigi Hadid reunited, but to put a label on yourself is not going to. All kisses and cuddles, Zane believes that the model they are just good friends. About Malik told in the new issue of GQ magazine, which took the artist for the cover.

“We are adults. We don’t need to put on relationships some label to do something because people expect it from us… We are still good friends and continue to communicate,” said Malik.

Gigi for Zane was a real ray of light that brought into his life a lot of positives. If before they met Malik too much shuffled around and saw one negative, Gigi changed all that. “She helped me see many things positive,” added the British actor in an interview.

Gigi is very important to Malik and takes a lot of space in his life, so about the ending of a romantic relationship couples say no. “She’s still not engaged in my finances. We’ll get there in the end,” joked Zane.