Gigi Hadid married

Джиджи Хадид выходит замуж

Model Gigi Hadid and her boyfriend Zayn Malik celebrated their engagement in new York after a few months of the relationship. It happened last month during a romantic weekend. Sources close to the model and the musician are sure to soon be a wedding.

23-year-old Zane and его20-summer passion celebrated the engagement in one of new York restaurants. According to the eyewitness edition Stаr, the couple chose a table in a secluded corner away from prying eyes.
“Honestly, it didn’t look like a specially organised event, until Gigi suddenly jumped up and shouted “Yes!”. They ordered a bottle of champagne and looked very happy, and some visitors of the restaurant even applaud them” — said the source.
Recall that the first couple came out on American Music Awards in November last year, just weeks after her breakup with Joe Jonas. Their romance developed very quickly and Gigi repeatedly criticized for levity, said that she changes men as gloves.
Now we are waiting for official confirmation of this news or at least evidence in the form of an engagement ring on the finger Hadid. By the way, Malik was previously engaged to Perry Edwards, so for him such an act was not the first time. I hope this time it will go further engagement.

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