Джиджи Хадид боится открытых крышек унитаза

Famous model Gigi Hadid appeared on the cover of the December issue of W Magazine, and in an interview told about a very unusual phobia. On the cover she appeared in the role of rock diva Debbie Harry, even though she looks nothing like her.

Джиджи Хадид боится открытых крышек унитаза

A lot of celebrities are afraid of spiders, like Kim Kardashian. On Ellen DeGeneres she scared the shit out of her insects. Many can’t handle the altitude, but Gigi is afraid of open the toilet lid. “I’m not afraid of spiders, heights or clowns. But I can’t stand to get out of the shower and see that the toilet lid is open. I’m all wet, and then there’s this water in the toilet… don’t know why, just can’t take a shower with an open toilet lid. And I guarantee that after my words you too will start to pay attention to it when you go to the shower.”

Джиджи Хадид боится открытых крышек унитаза

But my sister is Gigi — Bella — absolutely fearless. To efficiently perform the work and bring it to the end she is ready to deal. The model told how once walked on the catwalk, bleeding.

Bella called for the promotion of Tag Heuer in Malaysia, which answered the questions leading. The interviewer asked the model whether in her career a very stressful incident. One she remembered for a long time and that they shared: “Once before going on the runway the zipper on my dress broke. Assistants put it on me and stung the skin, and so much that I started bleeding. So one side of my dress was covered with blood, and I had to keep it so that no one saw this, explained Bella. Was it painful, but I still was on the podium, I was bleeding, but no one noticed”.

Sisters always try to be sincere, but they are not just trying to convict of a deceit. One of the first to raise this subject on the Internet private instagram account @exposingfakeeasszigiii. In profile there was a post with a photo of the pair, which the authors noted the insincerity relations Hadid and Malik. Under the photo is written that everything that makes steam is advertising.

Such posts clearly tired of a model, and she decided to leave a photo comment. She advised such people to live, not to discuss other people’s relationships. “It seems that you guys every day write about me… Please stop. It’s frustrating. I don’t have any negativity in your direction. We are surrounded by such a beautiful world, but instead to enjoy it, you delve in the relationship of two people who don’t even know. You don’t see 99% of what’s happening… And I don’t need to follow me in Instagram, it is enough that his chest painted my eyes (Zayn Malik made a tattoo in honor of Gigi — approx. ed.). The energy that you put in all, will not do you good”.

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